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My name is Sunny Golovine and I run Webhost Watchdog. I've been building websites since I was in high school and I've been around every major web hosting product out there. I started Webhost Watchdog to help shoppers search for the best hosting product for their needs.

This site will cut down the amount of time you spend researching for hosting products by giving you accurate, concise and to the point articles on every type of hosting product from the top hosting providers on the internet. Instead of wading through endless tables with a seemingly infinite number of features with green and red checkboxes, I'll tell which features to pay attention to and which features to ignore.

Great...another review site

Wait wait!

I swear I try to be different than the other guys. Part of the reason I started this site is because of the shady practices that the other guys used on their site. Browsing this site I promise:

  • You won't be tracked
  • You won't be served ads
  • You won't be asked about signing up for my newsletter

I want to give you the best experience possible when shopping for hosting providers and I hope you find my articles useful.

How I make money

It's great you asked. You can read more about this over on the disclosures page. But short version is I work with the hosting providers who will pay me a commission is you sign up using one of the links in my article. This is the only way I support the upkeep of this site (and moral to keep writing articles).

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