Why Server Specs Don't Matter Anymore

Updated 9/4/2020

By Sunny Golovine

Server specs might have mattered in the 90's. But in 2020, they simply don't matter because of Caching. Learn how caching can provide you a faster site that can handle more visitors for less money.

Shared vs Managed Wordpress Hosting

Updated 6/9/2020

By Sunny Golovine

Should you go with managed Wordpress hosting? Or save some money and go with shared hosting? Read our guide where we will cover all the pros and cons of shared and managed wordpress hosting

Shared vs VPS vs Dedicated Hosting

Updated 6/2/2020

By Sunny Golovine

What is Shared Hosting? What is VPS Hosting? And what is Dedicated Hosting? Read our guide that breaks down what each is, comparisons, and which one is right for you.

Your Guide to Whois and Whois Privacy

Updated 5/29/2020

By Sunny Golovine

Learn about what “whois” is all about, whois privacy and whether or not your should use domain name privacy for your domain name.

Ultimate Guide to HTTPS and SSL Certificates

Updated 5/20/2020

By Sunny Golovine

In today's world of privacy concerns and data breaches, it's good practice to secure your site with an SSL certificate