By Sunny Golovine

Updated June 3, 2020

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Hostinger Review

Hostinger, formerly known as Hosting Media, is an employee owned web hosting company based out of Kaunas, Lithuania. They offer an array of hosting products including shared hosting, VPS hosting and domain names. Read on to learn about all of Hostingers product offerings and how they stack up against the competition.

Hostinger Domains

hostinger domains

Hostinger offers a small yet respectable offering of domain names for its customers. They offer .COM domains starting at $8.99 for the first year then $11.00 per year when you renew. Additionally you can get common TLD's such as .org, and .net; however, TLD's such as .io, .ly, and .sh are not found here, you may want to look into Namecheap for that. It should also be noted that Hostinger offers Whois privacy for an additional $5.00 per month.

When you checkout you will get up-sells including hiding your personal information of the domain (Whois privacy which we already covered), priority support and the SEO toolkit. I personally would not recommend either of these. If you are buying just a domain then you will not need support as there is no ongoing maintenance or running cost, just a registration. As for the SEO Toolkit, while they do offer quite a number of features. I can tell you from running this site every single one of those features can be found online for free. Hostinger in this case is just offering a nice bundle of them all.

Hostinger Web Hosting

Shared Web Hosting

hostinger shared hosting

Like most of its competitors, Hostinger offers shared web hosting at a pretty compelling price for what you get.

All Plans: All of Hostinger's shared hosting plans include the following. Hostinger offers a bunch of other features however these are the most notable ones:

  • Litespeed Cache: This is a special caching engine that will make sites that run on applications such as Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, Magneto, Larvel and more run way faster by delivering your visitors a cached version of your site.

  • Cloudflare protected Nameservers: Helps prevent DDOS (Denial of Service) attacks and other sorts of malware online.

  • Github Integration: Backup the code on your webserver to git.

Single Shared Hosting: The base level of shared hosting. Hostinger advertises this as $0.99/month. The basic plan offers 1 webserver instance with 10GB of space, 100GB of Bandwidth and a single email account.

This tier also carries a downside of being the only tier to not offer SSH access to their servers. If you want to have SSH access you will need to upgrade to Preimum or Buisness shared hosting. It should be noted though that you do get FTP access which is what most people will need at the end.

This is pretty bare and while it may make sense given the $0.99 price, that price is only $0.99 if you get it for 48 months which comes out to $47.52. If you decide to go for 12 months the price is $2.99/month and a single month is $9.99.

I'm pointed out the price above earlier and you should know that wasn't meant as a bad thing; in fact, Hostinger offers some of the cheapest hosting around. Though not a powerful, you get 4 years of hosting for under $50 . If you need just a small webserver to play around with or to host a small site on, this tier of hosting is perfect for you.

Premium Shared Hosting: For $2.89 per month you can get Premium Shared Hosting from Hostinger which includes everything from the basic plan but gives you unlimited websites, bandwidth and email accounts. The plans also includes a free domain name and SSL encryption which is nice. Additionally you get 20GB of storage over 10GB in Single Shared Hosting and the RAM on your server is doubled from 256MB of 512MB. And lastly you also get weekly backups with this plan. This is the plan I would choose as it gives you most of the features you'd miss out on with Single Shared Hosting but also keeps prices down.

Business Shared Hosting: For $3.99 per month, Business Shared Hosting offers everything from the Premium Shared Hosting plan but also daily backups instead of weekly backups and the RAM on your server is doubled again from 512MB to 1GB. I would personally not recommend this Tier and go with Premium Shared hosting instead. Unless you need the extra space or daily backups, Hostinger does not give may compelling reasons to opt for Business Shared Hosting over Premium Shared Hosting.

Other things to know about shared web hosting. When you checkout with Single Shared Hosting they will try an upsell you on Cloudflare Protection, Daily Backups, the SEO toolkit and priority support. I won't go into the SEO Toolkit or Priority support as I already covered the upsells in Domains (they aren't worth it). As far as CloudFlare Protection and Daily Backups, you can get Cloudflare Protection for free from Cloudflare themselves and that leaves us with Daily Backups which is the only upsell I'd look at getting.

One last thing to know is Hostinger offers a 30 day money back guarantee on all of their hosting products so if you setup your website with them and find their hosting to not cut it, you can easily request a refund and go elsewhere.

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Cloud Hosting

hostinger cloud hosting

If Hostinger's Shared hosting didn't look appealing, check out their Cloud Hosting. At Hostinger, cloud hosting is somewhere in between a VPS and Shared Hosting. While cloud hosting is much more powerful than their Shared Hosting, it isn't as expensive as VPS Hosting. Hostinger offers 3 tiers of cloud hosting: Startup, Professional and Global

All Plans: All of Hostingers cloud hosting plans give you the following

  • Up to 300 Websites (Hostinger says Unlimited but it's 300 in the fine print)
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Isolated Resources (this prevents the "noisy neighbor" problem with shared hosting)
  • Dedicated IP (prevents your server from being marked as spam)
  • Cloudflare Integration
  • 1 Click Installers for Wordpress, Drupal, etc.

Startup Cloud Hosting: Hostinger's Startup plan comes in at $7.45 per month. For that you get a server with 2 CPU cores, 3GB of RAM and 100GB of storage

Professional Cloud Hosting: Hostinger's Professional plan comes in at $14.95 per month. For that you get a server with 4 CPU cores, 6GB of RAM and 140GB of storage

Global Cloud Hosting: Hostinger's Global plan comes in at $7.45 per month. For that you get a server with 8 CPU cores, 16GB of RAM and 200GB of storage

There isn't much else to be said about the three tiers. You get all of the features included in every plan and the only difference is the CPU cores, RAM and Storage that you are paying for. It should also be noted that all of these Tiers are hosted on Google Cloud so you can cross shop this with Siteground's offering as they host on the same platform. These plans also include unlimited mailboxes so with these plans you can host everything all from one place rather than having to get additional hosting for Email.

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Email Hosting

Hostinger keeps it simple with their email hosting but still provides a compelling value for what you get. They offer just two plans for email hosting however both a stellar and cheap. Let's break it down:

Business Email: For $0.99/month, Hostinger offers their base email service with a 10GB mailbox, 2 filters, and 50 email aliases.

Enterprise Email: For $2.49/month, Hostinger's better plan bumps up your email storage to 30GB, offers unlimited filters and 50 email aliases.

Email is pretty simple and if you are going for a hosted email solution like the one here there is not much else to be said. The service provides the basics that you would expect from any mail service provider such as Webmail, Calendar, filters, Outlook Integration, etc.

I will say I am surprised that this service is so affordable. I currently pay my email hosting provider around $5/month for my mailbox so seeing a service where you can get two years of email hosting for that cheap makes me a little jealous.

Wordpress Hosting

hostinger wp

While you can always host a Wordpress site with Hostingers Shared Hosting or their Cloud Hosting, if you intend on running just a Wordpress site, then consider opting for Hostinger's Wordpress Hosting instead. This type of hosting is very similar to the traditional hosting but is optimized for Wordpress deployments. One primary advantage of this is you don't have to worry about keeping the underlying server up to date and maintaining it, Hostinger will take care of everything behind the scenes so you can focus on what's important: your website!

Hostinger offers three core plans for Wordpress hosting: Wordpress Starter, Wordpress Premium and Wordpress Business. Lets take a look at each one more closely:

All Plans: All of Hostinger's Wordpress Plans include the following:

  • Unlimited Websites
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 1 Click Wordpress Installation
  • Backups
  • Secured with Imunify360
  • SSH Access
  • WP-CLI
  • Git
  • Staging Environments

Wordpress Starter: The most affordable plan from Hostinger, this plan gives you 20GB of disk space for your sites as well as offering weekly automated backups.

Wordpress Premium: The mid tier plan from Hostinger, this plan gives you 100GB of disk space for your site, daily backups, and comes with a license to Jetpack Personal.

Wordpress Business: This is the top tier plan offered by Hostinger. This plan bumps up the storage to 140GB, daily backups, and comes with a license to Jetpack Premium.

Bottom line. Unless you need more storage or plan on getting Jetpack anyways, I suggest going with the Starter plan here. Because this is a managed Wordpress environment, you will be running on the same hardware as the higher tiers and the only tradeoff is the 20GB of storage. I would start here and upgrade once you need more storage.

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Hostinger VPS (Virtual Private Servers)

If you are looking for more control than what Hostingers cloud hosting offers, consider getting a VPS (Virtual Private Server) with Hostinger. A VPS will give you more control than cloud hosting or shared hosting because you have access to the entire machine, rather than simple application level access with other hosting options.

This lets you do things like install your own operating system, and control everything about your server. Hosting offers 3 main types of VPS hosting options: Standard (Linux) VPS Hosting, Minecraft VPS Hosting and Windows VPS Hosting.

VPS Hosting

hostinger vps hosting

There are quite a few options for VPS hosting here. There are a total of 6 types of VPS plans you can pick from, ranging from a single vCPU, 1GB of RAM and 20GB of storage for just $3.95 per month or all the way up to a VPS with 8 vCPU's, 8GB of RAM and 160GB of storage for $29.95 per month. Let's break down each plan:

1 vCPU: For $3.95 per month this is the basic VPS plan offered by Hostinger. This plan gives you 1 virtual CPU as well as 1GB of RAM and 20GB of storage space. It also comes with 1000GB of bandwidth per month.

2 vCPU: For $8.95 per month, this plan gives you 2 virtual CPU's as well as 2GB of RAM and 40GB of storage space. It also comes with 2000GB of bandwidth per month.

3 vCPU: For $12.95 per month, this plan gives you 3 virtual CPU's as well as 3GB of RAM and 60GB of storage space. It also comes with 3000GB of bandwidth per month.

4 vCPU: For $15.95 per month, this plan gives you 4 virtual CPU's as well as 4GB of RAM and 80GB of storage space. It also comes with 4000GB of bandwidth per month.

6 vCPU: For $23.95 per month, this plan gives you 6 virtual CPU's as well as 6GB of RAM and 120GB of storage space. It also comes with 6000GB of bandwidth per month.

8 vCPU: For $29.95 per month, this is the best VPS plan offered by Hostinger. This plan gives you a whopping 8 virtual CPU's as well as 8GB of RAM and 160GB of storage space. It also comes with 8000GB of bandwidth per month.

It's hard to say here what is the "best" VPS option because their only difference is the specs and the specs you will need for your VPS all depends on what you will need to do. A smaller VPS can support a single website with some additional applications like an email server whereas the higher end VPS can support multiple website, and multiple other applications running on it at the same time.

If you are new to hosting on a VPS I would get the smallest VPS option and go up from there unless you already know what specs you VPS will need to have. Hosting companies make tons of money off people that buy the highest tier or hosting then never actually utilize it. Since a VPS will let you upgrade your specs on the fly, I highly suggest with going with the bare minimum and upgrading only when you start to run out of space.

One nice thing that Hostinger has done for its customers is they have custom Operating System and Application templates. So if you know you need a VPS with CentOS as the operating system, a Wordpress site and a mail server as well as a database, Hostinger lets you set all of this up with one simple tool, rather than having to do it manually which often time can take hours.

One feature I noticed that was missing from Hostingers offerings was the ability to customize your VPS. A VPS is at the end of the day a virtual server and thus that means that you can change the "hardware" it runs on in just a few clicks. With that said most web hosts that offer a VPS also give you the ability to customize exactly how much you need. Hostinger unfortunately does not offer this, giving us set tiers instead.

Minecraft VPS Hosting

minecraft vps

One other common use case for Virtual Private Servers is they are used to host Minecraft servers. While most web hosts will require you to set up a VPS manually to support Minecraft, Hostinger has made it easy by giving us a custom VPS plan designed for Minecraft. They offer several plans for Minecraft VPS servers. All of these servers come with 2 vCPU's.

Alex Plan: For $8.95/month. The Alex plan is the base Minecraft VPS plan offered by Hostinger. It comes with 2GB of memory and supports up to 70 players on a server.

Villager Plan: For $12.95/month. The Villager plan bumps up the storage from the Alex plan and gives you 3GB of storage instead of 2. This configuration can support up to 100 players.

Creeper Plan: For $15.95/month, the Creeper plan gives you 4GB of RAM and can support "Unlimited" players according to Hostinger. This claim is not true obviously and I suspect the server can support around 120 - 150 players with 4GB of memory.

Herobrine Plan: For $23.95/month, the Herobrine plan gives you 6GB of RAM and again says it supports an "Unlimited" number of players. I suspect with this plan you can support around 200 players.

Enderman Plan: For $29.95/month, the Enderman Plan comes with 8GB of memory and can support ~250 players on the server (educated guess because Hostinger again claims I can support an Unlimited amount)

Additional features offered with the Minecraft VPS service includes instant setup, Multicraft panel as well as full root access to your server so there are no restrictions on running Modpacks.

Windows VPS

windows vps

If you require a specfic use case for a VPS such as running a Sharepoint server or another piece of technology that requires windows, you can get a Windows VPS from Hostinger.

The Windows VPS unlike regular VPS comes with Windows Server 2012 instead of Linux. This means that you can now run Micorosoft products like Exchange or Sharepoint on your VPS. Note that prices are a bit higher than a regular VPS mainly because you now have to get license to the operating system on top of the hosting cost.

Hostinger offers 4 main tiers when it comes to Windows VPS hosting. All of them come with 4 vCPU's and the amount of RAM and Storage differs based on price. They include:

Note: these plans do not have names listed so I am simply naming them Plan 1 - 4

Plan 1: For $26/month, This plan offers 2GB of memory as well as 50GB of storage and 4TB of bandwidth

Plan 2: For $62/month, This plan offers 4GB of memory as well as 100GB of storage and 5TB of bandwidth

Plan 3: For $120/month, This plan offers 8GB of memory as well as 200GB of storage and 6TB of bandwidth

Plan 4: For $250/month, This plan offers 16GB of memory as well as 400GB of storage and 7TB of bandwidth

Overall there is not much to say about these VPS's. They offer comparable specs to a traditional VPS though I wish they offered more options with different CPU configurations.

Also I wish we were able to fully configure the VPS like other providers let you however Hostinger has locked this down to just four Tiers that you can't customize.

Overall I would only recommend a Windows VPS if your workload requires Windows specifically and to use a regular VPS otherwise. If you work does not require Windows there is no need to add the cost of a Windows license to your monthly hosting bill.

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Final Thoughts

Hostinger offers a respectable array of Domain and hosting options for starting your next domain. I wish their shared plans offered more resources and cloud hosting plans were more flexible. It would have been nice to be able to fully configure my cloud resources like I can with Siteground. One very nice option that Hostinger has over their competion though is Minecraft VPS hosting. With any other provider you would have to setup a VPS then setup Minecraft hosting on top of that however Hosting offers a nice bundled package that gives you all of that out of the box.

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