By Sunny Golovine

Updated June 26, 2020

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Hostinger Shared Hosting Review

In this article I want to cover the shared hosting products offered by Hostinger. If you would like to read my full review of Hostinger you can see it here.

Hostinger, like may of it's competitors, offers shared hosting as it's most affordable tier of hosting. Advertised for as low as $0.99/month,

Hostinger offers shared hosting as it's most affordable hosting option. On their site they advertise that you can get a hosting plan with them starting at just 99 cents per month. That deal looked almost too good to be true so I wanted to take a closer look. I'll be going over Hostinger's pricing and their features, I'll tell you if I find any hidden costs, up sells, what to look for and what to watch out for.

Shared Hosting Prices

shared hosting

Hostinger advertises that you can get hosting with them starting at just $0.99 / month. That's a fantastic deal but don't think it comes without a few strings attached. Hostinger's pricing can be quite confusing until you read the fine print but it breaks down like this. You have prices for the set tiers, then within those tiers you get a discount for how long you rent the server for. But that discount only applies for the first term and when you renew you pay a renewal price.

Below is a break down of the various tiers and how much you will pay for them for the first term and when you renew. It should also be noted that if you choose to get a single month of hosting, Hostinger tacks on an additional $4.99 setup fee.

Single Shared Hosting

Single shared hosting is the most affordable tier of hosting at Hostinger. As you can see, though Hostinger advertises their most affordable plan as being just $0.99/month, it ends up costing you the most up-front because you have to get 4 years of hosting. These prices aren't bad though, considering you can get 4 years of hosting for under 50 bucks!

TermPrice (Sign Up)Total Price (Sign Up)Price (Renewal)Total Price (Renewal)
1 Month$9.99$14.98 ($4.99 setup)$7.99$7.99
12 Months$2.99/mo$35.88$3.25$39.00
24 Months$1.59/mo$38.16$2.85$68.40
48 Months$0.99/mo$47.52$2.15$103.20

Renewal pricing is something you should also pay attention to. While you won't have to pay that much more if you got the 12 month plan, if you signed up for a 24 or 48 month term expect to pay quite a bit more when you renew. Though it should be noted that even at $103.20, for 4 years of hosting that's still a very good price to pay. Strangely enough, if you pay monthly then your price will actually go down when you renew, from $9.99 for the first month and $7.99 thereafter.

Premium Shared Hosting

Premium Shared Hosting is the mid tier shared hosting option at Hostinger and carries a modest price increase of for all the various tiers. Keep in mind that the setup cost of $4.99 for the 1 month tier still applies.

TermPrice (Sign Up)Total Price (Sign Up)Price (Renewal)Total Price (Renewal)
1 Month$10.99$15.98 ($4.99 setup)$11.95$11.95
12 Months$5.99/mo$71.88$5.84$70.08
24 Months$3.99/mo$95.76$4.84$116.16
48 Months$2.89/mo$138.72$3.49$167.52

As you can see, for the 12 month period here the price actually goes down when you renew, this is most likely due to an issue in the pricing formula not accounting for a this tier and this the discount they are offering.

Business Shared Hosting

Business Shared Hosting from Hostinger is the companies top of the range hosting shared hosting option.

TermPrice (Sign Up)Total Price (Sign Up)Price (Renewal)Total Price (Renewal)
1 Month$15.99$20.98 ($4.99 setup)$15.95$15.95
12 Months$6.99/mo$83.88$9.99$119.88
24 Months$4.99/mo$119.76$8.96$215.04
48 Months$3.99/mo$191.52$7.95$381.06

Prices here are consistent with prices for other tiers at Hostinger. Nothing much to note here, though if you end up getting 24/48 months plans then prepare for substantial price increase when you renew.

Hostinger Shared Hostinger Features

First off I do not plan to cover all features of Hostinger's shared hosting features here, just the most notable and important features you should focus on. If you want to read about all of Hostinger's shared hosting features, check out my full review of Hostinger.

When you start looking at the spec sheet that Hostinger shows you, you will notice that at the top they advertise "Processing Power & Memory". This a useless metric as the 1X, 2X and 4X values don't mean anything. What is useful are the "CPU Max %" and "RAM" that are listed down at the bottom. Check out the specs for each tier:

TierCPU Max %RAM
Single1 Core256MB
Premium1 Core512MB
Business1 Core1GB

"CPU Max %" is a fancy name that Hostinger gives Virtual CPU's. Shared hosting runs of virtual servers so rather than getting 1 physical core, you get 1 virtual core. As for RAM this simply is the amount of memory your server gets, not much else to be said here.

If the numbers don't look good, that's because they aren't. No matter which tier you get you can only get a single vCPU (virtual CPU) and RAM only goes up to 1GB for the Business tier. These specs lag behind other webhosts and if you were buying purely on specs, I cannot recommend either tier.

However, on the other hand, with their hosting being some of the cheapest in the Business. So this can either be a bad deal of a great deal depending on how big of a server you need.

Besides that, some other features you should looks at includes: Disk Space, Bandwidth and the number of databases allowed. The latter is important if you plan on running a Wordpress site or another CMS that requires a MySQL database.

TierDiskBandwidthDB Allowed

Lastly, if you choose to get Premium of Business hosting you also get Hostinger domain registration included, which saves you around $20/year.

My Recommendations

Even in this article I gave you a sea of options and you're probably wondering where the best deal is. It's hidden in the details but the best deal by far is Single Shared Hosting when you get it for 48 months.

This tier is perfect for people just starting out or those that need an additional server to test on or just someone experimenting. This tier doesn't have that many features or that much power but in return you get 48 months (4 years!) of shared hosting for under $50. Folks that is cheap, like really cheap. ` Another intersting use case for a tier like this is running something like Fathom Analytics. Though you can use fathom for free, you still have to host it, and a server like this is perfect for hosting something like Fathom Analytics, with Single Shared hosting from Hostinger you can host the service yourself for $1/month rather than paying the $14/month for the managed service.

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