By Sunny Golovine

Updated September 6, 2020

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InMotion Shared Hosting Review

If you've looked for web hosting in the past you will most likely have heard of InMotion hosting. InMotion hosting has been around for over 10 years and is one of the most trusted, reliable and largest hosts around, boasting in excess of 300,000 users. In my review of InMotion hosting I found their prices to not always be the best compared to its competitors, however for that price their features more than makes up the difference.

InMotion Shared Hosting Plans

InMotion hosting offers 4 different plans for shared hosting: Lite, Launch, Power and Pro. These plans start at just $2.99 per month and include a ton of awesome features including SSD drives, unlimited bandwidth, a free SSL certificate, and much much more.

Additionally, if you get the Launch, Power or Pro plans then you will also get a free domain name and a $150 in ad-credits. The ad-credit alone makes these top plans worth it as you it will essentially cover the cost of the Launch and Power plans.

Lite Plan


The Lite plan is the "secret" budget plan only available to my readers. It's quite affordable, coming in at just $2.49 per month when you sign up for 3 years and thought it doesn't offer every feature under teh sun, it has more than enough to get you started. The lite plan is perfect if you are just starting your own website.

Lite Plan Pricing

The Lite plan is the cheapest tier of Shared Hosting with InMotion. The advertised price of $2.49 / month means you will have to sign up for 3 years and pay $89.64 at checkout. When you renew that price will go up to $7.49 / month regardless of how long you sign up for. And in the case of the 3 year term, renewing will set you back $269.64 for the same 3 years.

The Lite plan is a special plan for my readers, not typically offered by InMotion to the general public.

TermMonthly PriceTotal
1 Year$4.99 / month$59.88
2 Years$3.99 / month$95.76
3 Years$2.49 / month$89.64

These plans renew at $7.49 per month.

TermTotal (at $7.49 /month)
1 Year$89.88
2 Years$179.76
3 Years$269.64

Lite Plan Features

The Lite plan is the least expensive shared hosting plan at InMotion hosting, below are the features that differentiate it from the other ties.

Storage Space10 GB
MySQL Databases1
Parked Domains1
Mailbox Storage100MB /mailbox

Like the name implies, the plan is lite on features; however, this plan is perfect for someone just starting out. It gives you everything you need to start a successful website without giving you more features that you will never need to use when starting out.

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Launch Plan


The Launch plan is the next step up from the Lite plan and while it does bump up prices a bit, it also gives you quite a healthy amount of extra features in return. If you looked at the Lite plan and didn't find that the features didn't quite cut it for you, consider the Launch plan intended to those trying to grow their site.

Launch Plan Pricing

The Launch plan is the next tier up from the Lite plan and pricing works exactly the same. Best price is $4.99 when signing up for 3 years and that will set you back a total of $179.64 when you sign up and then $359.64 when you renew.

TermMonthly PriceTotal
1 Year$6.99 / month$83.88
2 Years$5.99 / month$143.76
3 Years$4.99 / month$179.64

These plans renew at $9.99 per month.

TermTotal (at $9.99 /month)
1 Year$119.88
2 Years$239.76
3 Years$359.64

Launch Plan Features

If you are looking at the Lite plan and it doesn't quite look like enough for your needs, consider the launch plan which bumps things up a bit, giving you an additional website, more storage, some more mySQL databases as well as a few more mailboxes.

This tier also comes with a free domain name and you also get $150 of Ad-credits. If you are planning on doing advertising for your site, getting the 1 or 2 year plan means the ad-credits alone will pay for the cost of the service.

Storage Space50 GB
MySQL Databases3
Parked Domains10
Mailbox Storage500MB /mailbox
Ad Credits$150

This plan is great for anyone who has already started out and is now looking to upgrade to the next level. Again like the Lite plan, I find that this plan does a great job at giving you just what you need.

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Power Plan


The Power plan give you more power!. You get a healthy bump in features on this tier over the Launch tier however the great thing is that for the promo period, you won't be paying any more for it than you would the Launch plan. If you're a freelancer with some clients or are growing a sizable website then I would recommend this plan as it gives you a generous quota for when you need it.

Power Plan Pricing

The Power plan is a interesting at it's promo prices are identical to those on the Launch plan. You might be tempted to go for this plan seeing as you are getting more for the same amount of money, however you should know this is a bit of a bait and switch as the plan renews at $13.99 / month rather than $9.99 with the Launch plan. This means that if you get the 3 year term, it will cost you an eye watering $324 extra over the promo pricing to get the plan again for 3 years.

TermMonthly PriceTotal
1 Year$6.99 / month$83.88
2 Years$5.99 / month$143.76
3 Years$4.99 / month$179.64

These plans renew at $13.99 per month.

TermTotal (at $13.99 /month)
1 Year$167.88
2 Years$335.76
3 Years$503.64

Power Plan Features

When your web presence is really starting to grow then consider the Power plan, this plan gives you 50 websites, doubles the storage from the previous tier, and plenty of mailboxes for email. This tier also gives you a free domain name and $150 in ad credits.

Storage Space100 GB
MySQL Databases50
Parked Domains100
Mailbox Storage10GB /mailbox
Ad Credits$150

If you're a freelancer or someone who needs multiple websites, this plan is perfect for you. You have plenty of room to grow for whatever need may arise in teh future, but costs remain pretty low.

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Pro Plan


The Pro plan is the top tier plan for shared hosting at InMotion. This plan is intended for agencies, freelancers and business use. While it costs quite a bit, the Pro plan gives you features unparalleled to the other tiers, letting you run up to 100 websites.

Pro Plan Pricing

The Pro Plan's notable difference from the other lower tier plans is that it offers a 1 month plan in addition to the other annual plans, if you are just wanting to try InMotion's shared servers for a few months and don't want to pay for a full year of hosting, this will be the best way to go though I would do the math on how long your are planning to use it for and whether that will be the best deal for you.

TermMonthly PriceTotal
1 Month$19.99 / month$19.99
1 Year$15.99 / month$191.88
2 Years$14.99 / month$359.76
3 Years$12.99 / month$467.64

These plans renew at $22.99 per month. Check to see how this breaks down below.

TermTotal (at $22.99 /month)
1 Month$22.99
1 Year$275.88
2 Years$551.76
3 Years$827.64

Pro Plan Features

The Pro plan is intended for agencies and large operations. Supporting 100 websites and giving you unlimited Mailboxes as well as parked and subdomains. I would recommend this tier for agencies, freelancers with a large client base and large websites with many subdomains. This tier also gives you a free domain name and $150 in ad credits.

Storage Space200 GB
MySQL Databases100
Parked DomainsUnlimited
Mailbox Storage20GB /mailbox
Ad Credits$150

While expensive, this plan is seriously worth it if you have the right use case. A marketer for example can use this plan to effectively manage 100 different landing page campaigns all from one centralized place.

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Plan Extras

InMotion also offers some addons you can get when you purchase hosting. Not everyone will need these so it's nice that they are sold a la carte rather than being bundled into the tiers and jacking up prices.

  • Backup Manager ($24 / year) - InMotion Hosting offers a pretty comprehensive backup manager for $24 per year or an extra $2 per month.
  • Dedicated IP Address ($72 / year) - Typically with shared hosting you will also be sharing an IP address with other users, if your plan on using your server to send email it's a good idea to reserve a dedicated IP address. For an extra $6 per month, InMotion will assign you a dedicated IP address to your server rather than having to share one with other users.
  • QuickStarter: ($99 one time fee): If you are on a tight timeline and need to get a website up and running with as little hassle as possible, InMotion hosting has an in-house design team that will professionally develop your site in just 2 business days. You can read more details about it here

My Recommendations

InMotion hosting I find is fantastic place to plant your roots for a growing web presence. Their plans are fairly priced and very balanced in features. For someone starting a website for their first time I would say get the Lite plan, it has all the things you need to be successful and gives you ample room to grow pretty big. Beyond that it kind of depends on how big your site is and what your needs are, if your site is still growing but isn't that big just yet then I would recommend going with the Launch plan. And if you're at the stage where you have a large web presence then I would recommend the Power or Pro plans depending on what your needs are and how big your operation is.

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