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Namecheap Shared Hosting Review

By Sunny Golovine

Fri Jun 26 2020

In this Namecheap hosting review I will be covering shared web hosting that Namecheap offers. If you would like to read my full review of Namecheap you can see it here.

Namecheap offers shared hosting that is on par with it's competitors including Hostinger, Siteground and A2 Hosting. At an advertised price starting at just $1.44 per month, it seems like a very good deal. In this review I want to focus on Namecheap's shared hosting products, look at their pricing and features, and give you my honest opinion on whether to give it a try of take a pass.

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Namecheap Shared Hosting Prices

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Namecheap offers shared hosting as low as $2.88 / per month. Notice how I didn't say $1.44, thats because to take advantage of the $1.44 price tag you have to sign up for a year which will cost $17.28, still dirt cheap for shared hosting if you ask me.

Here's a breakdown of what you will pay for for the various tiers of hosting.

NOTE: If you want to use the UK data center then it will cost an additional $1/month for all tiers

Sign-up Pricing

While Namecheap does not offer any sign up bonuses if you pay monthly, if you pay for the entire year upfront you can get a discount of as much as 61%. Here's a table of the prices to expect:

Tier Monthly Cost Total Cost
Stellar $1.44 $17.28
Stellar Plus $1.88 $22.44
Stellar Business $4.44 $52.88

Renewal Pricing

While you get a discount the first year with Namecheap, you do not get any further discounts after the first year even if you sign up for a one year. As such after your first year I suggest switching over to monthly billing as it will give you more flexibility and won't cost you anything on a monthly basis.

Tier Monthly Cost Total Cost
Stellar $2.88 $33.88
Stellar Plus $4.88 $57.88
Stellar Business $8.88 $104.88

Overall Namecheap has some of the best prices in the business. Often times there's sticker shock when you see how much a year of hosting is going to cost you but with Namecheap, even an entire year of hosting can be had for less than $20 which is incredible.

Namecheap Shared Hosting Features

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Namecheap offers the standard features you would expect from a webhost. I won't be going into all the features that Namecheap offers in this article, if you want to learn about all of their features I suggest taking a look at my full review of Namecheap

Stuff to look closely on

While you get some of the best shared hosting prices at Namecheap, their feature set is pretty basic. This is not a bad thing as they offer all the essentials you would expect. This also helps with transparency, as it's much easier to determine what you're buying. While namecheap offers a table of all the features they offer, here is a condensed look at what I think are the most important things to consider

Tier Disk Space Bandwidth # Websites # Email Accounts
Stellar 20GB Unmetered* 3 30
Stellar Plus Unmetered SSD* Unmetered* Unlimited Unlimited
Stellar Business 50 GB SSD* Unmetered* Unlimited Unlimited

*Namecheap mentions that you get "Unmetered" (meaning unlimited Disk Space and Bandwidth) on the Stellar Plus and Business accounts. This is subject to their fair use policies and is not truly unlimited.

Also I should note that the 50GB of disk space for Stellar Buisness is not a typo, I don't know why Namecheap gives you less storage on this tier.

While not advertised, Namecheap imposes fair use limits on their hosting plan. While Namecheap doesn't talk about these limits, I think it's good to bring them up as they give the most accurate view of how many resources you have to utilize with Namecheap's shared hosting.

Tier CPU Limit (Percentage) Memory (RAM)
Stellar 20% 1GB
Stellar Plus 40% 2GB
Stellar Business 60% 2GB

Additionally, Namecheap will allow users to "burst", where they are temporarily given more resources. Namecheap notes that users that consistently need "bursts" will need to upgrade their hosting plans.

Tier CPU Limit (Percentage) Memory (RAM)
Stellar 100% 4GB
Stellar Plus 200% 6GB
Stellar Business 400% 8GB

While you do not get that much in the way of resources. You also have to consider the price tag on Namecheap's shared hosting. While not much, when combined with the bursting, any tier should suffice for a smaller site.

Beyond the performance, you don't get much else in terms of features on the higher tiers. You do get auto backups on Stellar Plus and Stellar Business however beyond that the tiers are pretty much the same.

My Recommendations

My recommendation would be Stellar Plus. With Stellar Plus you get virtually the same features as Stellar Business, more storage and for half the price. Though you do get more burst CPU and RAM with Stellar Business, the fact that you cannot utilize it all the time means that it's not something to be sold on.

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