By Sunny Golovine

Updated June 26, 2020

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Siteground Shared Hosting Review

In this article I want to discuss Siteground's shared hosting products and hopefully let you make the right decision on whether to go with Siteground or another web hosting company for shared hosting. If you want to read my full review of siteground you can check it out here.

Siteground Shared Hosting Prices

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You probably came here because you are wondering how much shared hosting at Siteground is going to cost. In this section we will cover all the hidden prices and ways you can save on shared hosting at siteground.

Sign up Pricing

When you sign up for shared hosting you get your initial term for at a "discount price". Notice that the prices are heavily impacted by how long you get it for. The prices in (parenthesis) is the total price you pay at checkout

Tier1 Month12 Month24 Month36 Month
StartUp$19.99$6.99 ($83.88)$9.99 ($239.76)$10.89 ($377.64)
GrowBig$29.99$9.99 ($119.88)$14.99 ($359.76)$17.49 ($629.64)
GoGeek$44.99$14.99 ($179.88)$24.99 ($599.76)$27.99 ($1,007.64 )

You get the best up front price by far if you choose the 12 month option, as it is the advertised price. I would not recommend getting the longer terms even if you do end up planning to keep it for that long. You can always renew down the road and why not take advantage of the special price and save some cash.

However sign up pricing is not the end of the story and we also have to talk about renewal pricing.

Renewal Pricing

Tier1 Month12/24/36 Month

As you can see the monthly price will always same however you annual price goes up by about 45%. That's a heafty price to pay but hosting isn't cheap. Let's talk about what this gets you.

Siteground Shared Hosting Features

First off I will not be covering all the features here. If you want that you can visit Siteground's page on the topic. Here I will discuss some of the key features of these hosting providers.

Stuff to Look Closely On

Web Space: This is the amount of storage that is given to your site on their shared hosting.

Web Transfer (Bandwidth): Tells you how much web traffic your account will support on a monthly basis. All account at Siteground have unlimited bandwidth but it is still worth mentioning because most other web hosts put caps on the amount of bandwidth you can use.

CDN Support: I've written about CDN support in the past but the gist is that your site is cached on a CDN server so whenever a user requests your site, the CDN will deliver it instead of your site. What this lets you do is host a much larger number of users than you could without a CDN.

Git Support (GoGeek): Git support lets you backup your site to version control which is awesome and how I backup all of my sites. My only complaint is that this feature is only offered on the GoGeek plan. In my opinion this should be a feature available on all tiers.

Stuff to Ignore

There are also a number of "features" you can safely ignore. I call this "marketing fluff" because it sounds technical at a glance but in truth doesn't tell you anything.

Suitable Number of Monthly Visitors: This number of totally useless. A hosting provider can make an assumption based on other sites they host and that's what this is. However there are any number of other factors that will determine how many users your site will support.

Power and Hardware Redundancy: Also, while nice they told us, it's a bit like a movie theater advertising that it has air conditioning. While yes, about 15 years ago this was a "feature". Today it's a standard and any web host that is serious about their business should be running a hardware and power redundant data center.

What isn't mentioned

CPU Used / Number of vCPU's: Annoyingly, Siteground does not advertise how many virtual CPU's the server uses. These shared servers are all virtual machines and virtual machines have "vCPU's" as opposed to real CPU's. Siteground should post how many processors these machines use but I bet that it's probably 1 or 2 seeing as they don't advertise it.

Memory (RAM): Another thing they fail to mention is how much memory these machines use. Again it probably isn't much considering they don't list it.

My Recommendations

While siteground has some good deals for first year hosting, don't expect any long term hosting deals. While most places will give you further savings for an extended term, Siteground doesn't offer any discounts on hosting beyond the advertised one year hosting plan.

As for hosting plans. I would recommend going with at least GoBig or GoGeek.

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