By Sunny Golovine

Updated October 17, 2020

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Liquid Web VPS Review

Liquid Web is a different type of hosting company. While most companies tailor their product lineup to those that are building a personal site or building a site for the first time, Liquid Web on the other hand deals mostly with large businesses. This gives you one big advantage with Liquid Web versus the competition: Reliability.

When you consider that big brands like ESPN, FedEx and The Home Depot trust Liquid Web to host their content, the company isn't playing around. And that shows in the product lineup as well as shopping on the site. No gotchas, no marketing speak, just straight to the point.

In this review I will be covering Liquid Web's VPS hosting plans. Liquid Web offers two types of VPS hosting: Linux VPS Hosting and Windows VPS Hosting. Each offers a wealth of features plus upgrades if you need more in a specific area. I will discuss their pricing as well as the features they offer for that price and tell you what I think about Liquid Web and how they stack up against the competition.

Liquid Web VPS Hosting price

Liquid Web is not the cheapest web host out there. Since Liquid Web deals primarily with large businesses who have deep pockets, don't expect any special deals here like you may expect in other places. Liquid Web offers 4 tiers of VPS hosting if you decide to go with a Linux server and 3 tiers if you decide to go with Windows.

Below is a breakdown of all the tiers and their respective pricing.

Linux VPS Prices


Plan12 Months6 MonthsMonthly
Plan 1$35/mo ($425 total)$45/mo ($270 total)$59/mo
Plan 2$60/mo ($720 total)$75/mo ($450 total)$99/mo
Plan 3$85/mo ($1020 total)$105/mo ($630 total)$139/mo
Plan 4$115/mo ($1380 total)$145/mo ($870 total)$189/mo

Liquid Web offers 12, 6 and monthly plans. If you need a server for 1+ years and want to save some money then I would recommend getting the 12 month plan on each plan as it will give you the best price. However if you don't feel like forking over the high cost at signup, Liquid Web also has 6 month plans. I would only recommend the monthly plans if you are unsure how long you will need the server for.

Windows VPS Prices


Plan12 Months6 MonthsMonthly
Plan 1$80/mo ($960 total)$95/mo ($570 total)$129/mo
Plan 2$100/mo ($1200 total)$125/mo ($750 total)$169/mo
Plan 3$135/mo ($1620 total)$165/mo ($990 total)$219/mo

You can also get a VPS from Liquid Web that runs Windows rather than Linux. This will set you back roughly $20/mo extra for the Windows license but then again, Windows Server licenses aren't cheap, so an extra $20 per month does not seem bad. You also loose the ability to get the 2GB VPS with Windows, however this is more of a technical limitation with Windows.

Overall the prices here are fair, you will pay more here than you would at other places. However the quality of service and features is really what sets Liquid Web apart from the crowd of other VPS providers.

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Liquid Web VPS Hosting Features


While Liquid Web charges more for their VPS servers, they make up for that extra cost with an unrivaled uptime and support, as well as a host of features to make running your VPS easy and seamless.

Top Notch Support

Lets start with support, a big part of the price you pay for a VPS is the support in case something happens. Working in the tech industry for over 10 years I know that things going wrong is not an if but rather when. For those times, having good support can mean the difference between having 1 hour or 1 day or 1 week of downtime.

Unrivaled Uptime

If you are using a VPS for personal things than downtime isn't that big of a deal, but if you are business, every minute something is down means you can't make money. Luckily Liquid Web has you covered in terms of uptime as well. Sporting a 99.9999% uptime, this is as close as you are going to get to a 100% uptime.

While some reviews will do some funky math and conclude that you will have 2 hours of downtime per month because 0.0001% of a month is 2 hours, I don't have to tell you the basic mathematical flaw with this argument but lets leave it with, you won't have downtime with Liquid Web, and if you do, Liquid Web's engineers will be there to get you back up and running faster than you ever thought possible.

Server Specs

Support and uptime is nice, but what are you actually getting for your money. Below is a breakdown of the server specs for each tier.

vCPUMemoryDisk SpaceBandwidth
Plan 122GB40GB10TB
Plan 244GB100GB10TB
Plan 388GB150GB10TB
Plan 4816GB200GB10TB

Choice of Control Panel


When you get a VPS from Liquid Web, you get your choice of 3 different types of control panels: InterWorx, cPanel and Plesk Web Pro. It's nice that you get 3 options here as most places will just give you the option of one.

Management options

While most web hosts will offer "Managed" VPS hosting as a completely separate product, in the case of Liquid Web, this is simply an addon for any existing VPS hosting option.

This is nice as it makes the product lineup much simpler. You can choose between self-managed, core-managed and fully-managed images to load on your VPS.

  • Self Managed: No Support

  • Core Managed: Support for Operating System + Apache, PHP and MySQL

  • Fully Managed: Support for Operating System + All Applications.

You can get Self and Core managed images for no extra cost. However if you would like a fully managed image, it will cost an extra $15 per month.

Available Operating System

When you setup your VPS, you get your choice of operating systems. Liquid Web offers CentOS, Ubuntu, Fedora and Debian as options for Linux OS and they offer various version of each distro. It should be noted though, the only fully managed options is CentOS and core managed options are only available for CentOS and Ubuntu

Other Notable Features

  • Cloudflare CDN: All VPS tiers are integrated with Cloudflare CDN which lets you offload repeated requests to your VPS as well as offering a more secure configuration.

  • Dedicated IP: All VPS tiers come with a dedicated IP address.

  • Root Access: All VPS tiers also come with root Access. This lets you do things on your server that Plesk or cPanel do not support.

Final Thoughts

While Liquid Web doesn't always have the best prices, they more and make up for that with their stellar feature set, unrivaled uptime and amazing support. If you are an individual or business that needs an uber reliable VPS, look no further than Liquid Web.

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