WordPress Hosting

What is WordPress Hosting

WordPress hosting is simply regular web hosting where the intent is to host a WordPress website. WordPress hosting in general is very similar to other types of hosting because the underlying hardware is the same. However, while similar, WordPress hosting often is setup so WordPress sites get the best performance.

What is Managed WordPress Hosting

There is actually quite a bit to hosting a WordPress site successfully. Beyond just getting it running, you also have to make sure everything is configured properly, stay on top of security patches and a bunch of other small things under the hood. If this doesn't sound very appealing to you then I suggest checking our Managed WordPress Hosting. With this type of hosting, all the underlying technical details of hosting your WordPress site is handled by the web host, letting you focus on creating awesome content for your site.

How Much Does it Cost?

Traditional WordPress hosting can be had for as little as $1-2 per month with most web hosts. If you want to get Managed WordPress hosting it will cost a bit extra. Currently the best deal on managed WordPress hosting that I found is Easy WP by Namecheap.

InMotion Wordpress Hosting Review

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A2 Hosting Wordpress Hosting Review

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