A2 Hosting Wordpress Hosting Review

8/9/2020 / wordpress hosting

By Sunny Golovine

A2 hosting may be one of the smaller and lesser known web hosts, but don't overlook them! A2 hosting provides some of the best Wordpress hosting out there.

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A2 Hosting is one of the best kept secrets in web hosting. While not as big nor as flashy as some of the bigger web hosting companies, they offer some of the highest quality service out there for a great price and they don't pull any marketing gotchas like other webhosts.

At A2 Hosting, you can host a Wordpress site either on shared hosting servers yourself, of opt for their managed Wordpress hosting service and have A2 hosting take care of everything behind the scenes for you. In this review I will be covering both, starting by breaking down the price of each tier and how much you will pay, as well as break down what all you get for the cost.

Shared Wordpress Hosting Price

If you want to host Wordpress in the most affordable way then shared hosting is the way to go. While shared hosting is more affordable than managed wordpress hosting, it's downside is that it lacks the support you get with managed wordpress hosting. If you are a more technical user or have the time to tinker more on your site, then I would suggest going with shared hosting and saving yourself some money, otherwise if you are someone like a business owner or need a website up and running without any gotchas, then I suggest going with the peace of mind of managed Wordpress hosting.



TermSign Up PriceSign up TotalRenewal PriceRenewal Total
1 Month$10.99$10.99$10.99$10.99
12 Months$6.99$83.88$8.99$107.88
24 Months$4.39$105.36$8.99$215.76
36 Months$2.99$107.64$8.99$323.64

This is the intro tier of shared hosting. Plans here can get as cheap as $2.99 per month however the caveat is that the prices do go up significantly when you renew. It should also be noted that you only get term discounts on your first year so going with a longer term when you renew is not necessary to save money, just don't go for month-to-month.


TermSign Up PriceSign up TotalRenewal PriceRenewal Total
1 Month$12.99$12.99$12.99$12.99
12 Months$8.99$107.88$11.99$143.88
24 Months$6.39$167.76$11.99$287.76
36 Months$4.99$179.64$11.99$431.64

The next tier up from Startup. The prices on Drive bump up a few dollars from Startup. On the longest plan you only pay an additional $2 over Startup, however; the price goes up to $11.99 after the period is up.

Turbo Boost

TermSign Up PriceSign up TotalRenewal PriceRenewal Total
1 Month$20.99$20.99$20.99$20.99
12 Months$14.99$179.88$19.99$239.88
24 Months$12.39$311.76$19.99$479.76
36 Months$9.99$359.64$19.99$719.64

While most hosting companies give you 3 tiers of hosting. A2 hosting gives you 4 tiers instead so this is the second to highest tier and the price is starting to reflect it. If you go month-to-month you will be paying $20.99 per month but you can get for as little as $9.99 per month for the first 36 months if you can afford to put down the $359.64 price tag. After your intro period, prices go up to $19.99 for all tiers except month-to-month.

Turbo Max

TermSign Up PriceSign up TotalRenewal PriceRenewal Total
1 Month$25.99$25.99$25.99$25.99
12 Months$19.99$239.88$24.99$299.88
24 Months$17.39$431.76$24.99$599.76
36 Months$14.99$539.64$24.99$899.64

Turbo Max is the highest tier of hosting at A2 hosting and the price reflects it. If you go month-to-month you will be paying $25.99 per month but you can get for as little as $14.99 per month for the first 36 months but again that means that you are going to have to put down the initial $539.64 to get started. After your intro period, prices go up to $24.99 for all tiers except month-to-month which stays at $25.99.

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Managed Wordpress Hosting Price

Managed Wordpress hosting at A2 Hosting is a bit more expensive than the shared hosting option, and if you get some of the higher tiers it can set you back upwards of $1000 if you go with the 36month plans. Keep in mind though one of the reasons the price is so high is the support you get. If you ever have an issue with your Wordpress site, 24/7 you can pick up the phone and get A2 hosting to help you figure out the problem.

If you're running an important website, an agency or another business and can't afford downtime, the added cost of managed Wordpress hosting is well worth the money, however if you're just trying to start out and want to keep costs down, I suggest going with shared hosting instead.


1 Site

TermSign Up PriceSign up TotalRenewal PriceRenewal Total
1 Month$15.97$15.97$32.59$32.59
12 Months$13.97$167.64$27.01$342.12
24 Months$12.97$311.29$26.47$635.28
36 Months$11.99$431.47$24.46$880.56

The base tier of managed Wordpress hosting from A2 Hosting. The best price for this tier is when you sign up for 36 months. Here you will pay $11.99 per month but the sign up price is $431 which is a lot to fork over all at once. If you are looking for a more affordable option I suggest getting the 12 month plan, while you will be spending a few more dollars every month, the total out the door price is much more bearable.

3 Site

TermSign Up PriceSign up TotalRenewal PriceRenewal Total
1 Month$26.97$26.97$55.04$55.04
12 Months$24.97$299.64$50.96$611.52
24 Months$19.48$467.64$39.77$954.36
36 Months$18.99$683.55$38.95$1395.00

The mid tier of managed Wordpress hosting from A2 hosting. The best deal on this tier is again the 36 month plan but if you don't want to pay that much all at once, I suggest getting the 12 month of going for a month-to-month plan.

Unlimited Sites

TermSign Up PriceSign up TotalRenewal PriceRenewal Total
1 Month$40.97$40.97$83.61$83.61
12 Months$38.97$467.64$79.53$954.36
24 Months$37.97$911.28$77.49$1859.76
36 Months$36.98$1331.42$75.47$2717.18

The unlimited sites plan is meant for Agencies and other businesses that host Wordpress sites for their customers. Being more of a buisness minded product the prices are also up there. The 36 month plan will set you back a whopping $1300 on signup and an eye watering $2700 renewal price. However keep in mind you are getting a complete Wordpress hosting solution with 24/7 support.

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Shared Wordpress Hosting Features


A2 Hosting has some of the best shared Wordpress hosting plans out there in terms of quality. For smaller sites I recommend the Statup plan as that is all you will need for a long time to come. However, if you do need to upgrade, A2 hosting offers some of the best hardware for shared hosting I have seen in a while. Below is a breakdown of all the relevant features for shared hosting.

TierPhysical MemoryCPU CoresStorage
Turbo Boost2GB2Unlimited
Turbo Max4GB4Unlimited

Wordpress Specific Features

A2 Optimized: A2 Optimized is a WordPress plugin developed in-house by the A2 Hosting team that auto-configures your Wordpress site upon creation so you get the best WordPress performance and security. Additionally you get some security enhancements like a unique WordPress login URL, automatic Wordpress updates and ReCaptcha on the Login Page (to prevent bots from brute-forcing your site).

WP-CLI: With all the plans, if you have to, you can make changes to your Wordpress installation using WP-CLI.

Litespeed Cache: A caching engine for Wordpress that caches all of your pages and thus helps them load faster.

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Managed Wordpress Hosting Features

While managed Wordress hosting can cost quite a bit depending on which tier and term you are getting, you do get quite a bit for your money. Here are the most important features from every tier that you should pay close attention to


All Tiers

For all tiers, A2 hosting is quite generous with features and functionality. For starters you get unlimited email addresses included which is nice as you won't have to pay someone else to host it.

One other great feature they offer is a staging environment. If you are working on an update to your site. A staging environment will let you see changes to your site before it's made available to all users. This is incredibly useful as it lets you catch bugs and make sure your users see your website exactly as you intended.

Beyond that they also give you deep statistics about your website. These stats are better than anything that Google Analytics will be able to offer you as they are recorded on the server rather than the website and it carries the additional benefit of being privacy friendly and GDPR compliant.

Lastly you also get access to Jetpack Personal, Litespeed Cache and A2 Optimized. Working together these plugins will let you do things like cache your pages, lazy load images and other things that will help speed up your site.

1 Site

At the base 1 site tier, you get 1 website, 10GB of storage, 2GB of RAM and unlimited databases and bandwidth. While this may not sound like alot, it's actually plenty to get you started and you can scale you site to thousands of visitors before you will need to consider upgrading your hosting plan.

Other things to note about this plan, besides getting 2GB of RAM, you also get a server with 2 CPU cores running at 2.4Ghz each.

3 Site

The 3 site plan bumps things up a bit from the 1 site plan. You can run 3 sites on this plan and you also get Wordpress Multisite available to you. Storage also gets bumped from 10GB to 25GB and you also get an additional CPU core and an extra GB of RAM over the 1 site plan. If you need the additional sites or are running a particularly large site then I suggest this plan, otherwise stick with the 1 site plan.

Unlimited Sites

The Unlimited site plan gives you everything! You can host Unlimited sites, storage get a total of 40GB of storage and you get 4GB of RAM and a 4 core CPU. This plan though is quite costly and I would only recommend getting it if you are planning on using everything in the plan.

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Final Thoughts

A2 Hosting is a fantastic choice when it comes to hosting your Wordpress site. They offer very affordable shared hosting plans as well as managed hosting if you need more support. While the quality of service is very high and you get a lot for your money, in the end it is more expensive than other competitors especially if you choose a higher tier for Managed Wordpress hosting.