By Sunny Golovine

Updated July 29, 2020

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Hostinger Wordpress Hosting Review

If you're looking for the best bang for your buck when it comes to managed Wordpress hosting then look no further than Hostinger. Much like their shared hosting, Hostinger's managed Wordpress hosting plans give you a ton of features and very generous limits for a very good price. In this review I will be covering all of Hostinger's Wordpress hosting options, I will look at the plans they offer, how much they cost and what sort of features you'll be getting for that price. Lastly I'll tell you whether I think hosting your Wordpress site with Hostinger is a good idea.

Hostinger Wordpress Hosting Cost

I always like to start these reviews out by talking about the price. Wordpress hosting is a highly competitive space so price is an important aspect. Hostinger offers 3 tiers of managed Wordpress hosting: Wordpress Starter, Wordpress Premium and Wordpress Business.


Wordpress Starter

The base tier of managed Wordpress hosting from Hostinger. This tier is quite affordable as far as managed wordpress hosting goes. If you can afford the 48 month tier then that is the best deal by far. However if you don't feel like forking out that much then I suggest going with the 12 month plan instead. A year of managed Wordpress hosting for under $50 is a very good deal.

This tier also gives you the option of adding daily backups for an additional $0.95 per month and you can also get Cloudflare protection for a flat fee of $9.95. This is nice if you want to have the two features but don't want to pay for the higher tiers.

TermIntroductory PriceIntro TotalRenewal PriceRenewal Total
48 months$2.15/mo$103.20$3.49/mo$167.52
24 months$2.95/mo$70.80$4.84/mo$116.16
12 months$3.75/mo$45.00$5.84$70.08
1 month$11.95/mon/a$11.95/mon/a
  • Add Daily Backups for $0.95/month
  • Add Cloudflare Protection for $9.95 (one time fee)

Wordpress Premium

The Wordpress Premium tier is the mid range tier for managed Wordpress hosting from Hostinger. This tier is a bit more expensive than the starter tier, with the 48 month term going up by over $200. The best deal here is the the longest term you can get. If you are building a site for the long term than getting the longest term plan is the smartest move here.

TermIntroductory PriceIntro TotalRenewal PriceRenewal Total
48 months$7.45/mo$357.60$15.90/mo$763.20
24 months$9.95/mo$238.80$17.92/mo$430.08
12 months$12.95/mo$155.40$19.98/mo$239.76
1 month$29.99/mon/a$29.95/mon/a

Wordpress Business

Wordpress Business is the top tier of managed Wordpress hosting from Hostinger. This tier is the most expensive by a margin, with the 48 month tier setting you back a whopping $717! The best deal on this tier is to avoid this tier if you can. This tier is intended for agencies and other businesses so unless your needs are not met by the previous tiers, I would suggest going with the cheaper tiers and saving yourself a ton of money.

TermIntroductory PriceIntro TotalRenewal PriceRenewal Total
48 months$14.95/mo$717.60$31.80/mo$1526.40
24 months$17.95/mo$430.80$35.84/mo$860.16
12 months$22.95/mo$275.40$39.96$479.52
1 month$58.00/mon/a$58.00n/a

Hostinger Wordpress Hosting Features

By having your Wordpress site managed by Hostinger, you get the advantages and piece of mind that your site is being maintained by professionals who know the ins and outs of web hosting and Wordpress. This includes:

  • Wordpress Optimized Servers: With shared hosting one disadvantage is that the servers are meant to take on a wide variety of roles so they are not optimized for running Wordpress. With managed Wordpress, because the only thing every server is running is Wordpress, this makes all the servers run much more efficiently which means a faster site for you.
  • Security: Because the only thing running on these servers is Wordpress, Hostinger can do a much better job of securing each server and Wordpress installation against intrusion. Hardening Wordpress against attack yourself can be quite a complicated process so it's nice to have someone else take care of it.
  • Speed: Tying into the first point, because your servers are optimized for Wordpress, and because everything anyone is doing is focused on Wordpress. This gives you a much faster site. Wordpress has a ton of tweaks that you can make that will make your site quicker and run more efficiently. However keeping up with all of this might as well be a full time job. With managed Wordpress hosting though, all of that is taken care of for you.
  • Support: I cannot begin to stress how important this is. Even though the servers are managed and things should be smooth sailing, often times you may find yourself in a place where you need some help. With shared hosting you are totally own your own as far as Wordpress specific support goes. However with managed Wordpress hosting from Hostinger you get 24/7 support so in the event anything does happen, Hostinger will be there to help out.

Beyond that, let's dive into what each hosting tier gets you. For starters every tier comes with the following:

  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Included Domain Name
  • LiteSpeed Cache
  • Cloudflare Protection

There are load of other features but these are the most important ones included in every tier.

Wordpress Starter

For the base tier, Hostinger is pretty generous in that they give you pretty much all the features and only hold back on a few. This tier would be plenty for most websites.

  • 100 Websites
  • 20GB Space
  • Weekly Backups (daily backups for an extra $1/month)

Wordpress Premium

The mid tier at Hostinger gives you more storage, bumps the number of websites you can host and gives you a personal license to Jetpack (a popular WP Plugin). If you need the additional space or need to host additional websites then you should pick this plan. Otherwise if you are just looking to get daily backups then I suggest sticking with the Starter plan and selecting the daily backups at checkout.

  • 300 Websites
  • 100GB Storage
  • Daily Backups
  • Jetpack Personal License

Wordpress Business

The top tier is Wordpress Business. Unfortunately at this tier I don't find the value that I do in tiers below it. Wordpress Business gives you an additional 40GB of space which bumps things up to 140GB of total space as well as giving you a Premium License to Jetpack. Here's the thing, I don't think the premium they put on Business is worth it for added space and Jetpack License.

Unless you need the extra space or planned on getting the Premium tier and paying for the Premium Jetpack license, there are very few reasons to pick this tier over Premium.

  • 300 Websites
  • 140GB Space
  • Jetpack Premium License
  • Daily Backups

Bottom Line

Overall I think Hostinger offers a great managed Wordpress service. And while I think that the Starter package given the features and the price is a fantastic deal, I can't say the same about the Premium and especially the Business tier.

I would suggest that most stick with the Starter tier, it's quite inexpensive given what all you get and even after the promo price of $2.15/mo ends, you new price is still less than $5/mo.

For the other tiers I can't be as nice. While the Premium tier is worth it if you need the added sites, or extra storage space, the price hike from the promo price to regular price is pretty steep. Lastly the business tier I don't think is a good value at all.

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