By Sunny Golovine

Updated July 27, 2020

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Namecheap Wordpress Hosting (EasyWP) Review

In this Namecheap hosting review I will be covering EasyWP, the managed Wordpress hosting product from Namecheap. If you would like to read my full review of Namecheap you can see it here.

When it comes to Wordpress hosting. Hosting your Wordpress site with Namecheap is a smart move that will save you from having to deal with all the technical nuts and bolts of hosting a Wordpress site as well as saving your wallet from having to pay outrageous fees for managed Wordpress hosting.

If you would like to read my full review of Namecheap where I cover all of their products here. Also if you are looking for a slightly cheaper option of hosting Wordpress that isn't managed, I suggest looking at my review of Namecheap's shared hosting here. While you do not get the advantage of having your Wordpress installation fully managed, they offer a 1 click installation for Wordpress and if you are just trying to get started for the smallest amount of money possible, shared hosting is the way to go.

What is EasyWP

EasyWP is Namecheap's managed Wordpress hosting product. It can get a bit confusing because it seems that all web hosts come up with their own name for Managed Wordpress hosting. While Wordpress bills itself as being easy to use, that's only half of the story.

While Wordpress itself is easy to use, installing and maintaining Wordpress is quite a bit more difficult and requires you to know how webservers and databases work. Now if you're just playing around with Wordpress or just want to start a small side project then I suggest learning how Wordpress works.

However if you are a business owner who needs a website or maybe a blogger who is serious about starting their own blog, then I highly suggest paying a bit extra and going with Managed Wordpress hosting. With managed Wordpress hosting, all the underlying technical details are handled by Namecheap. They make sure your site is always up, always up to date, and always running fast. This lets you focus exclusively on what your visitors will actually see on the site and laves all the behind the scenes work to Namecheap.

Namecheap EasyWP Cost


Namecheap EasyWP has 3 tiers you can sign up for: Starter, Turbo and Supersonic. Month to month prices are pretty affordable though if you want to sign up for an entire year, you can save a hefty amount on your first year especially for the Supersonic tier. However one downside of this is that after your first year, your renewal can be quite expensive.

TierFirst Month PriceMonthly PriceAnnual Price (1st Year)Annual Price (Renewal)
Starter$0.01$3.88$22.88 ($1.90/mo)$29.88 ($2.49/mo)
Turbo$0.02$7.88$26.88 ($2.24/mo)$68.88 ($5.74/mo)
Supersonic$0.03$11.88$28.88 ($2.40/mo)$98.88 ($8.24/mo)

If you are planning to run a Wordpress site for 1+ years, I highly suggest purchasing at the annual rate, while you do have to fork up more money upfront. You still end up saving over the monthly price even after the 1st year price hike.

Namecheap EasyWP Features


Unlike shared hosting, with managed Wordpress hosting you are buying a service moreso than you are just buying server space. This means that rather than picking a tier based on the specs, you pick one based on the number of visitors and the size of your website.

As far as specs for the actual tiers well those are irrelevant here because EasyWP uses autoscaling for all of their sites. This means that rather than being given a set number of resources and unable to go above that in usage. With EasyWP, the underlying server will automatically scale up and down based on your usage so your site will always run fast regardless of the number of visitors.

This is because rather than using traditional hosting methods for EasyWP, Namecheap instead hosts it in the cloud. This carries a number of distinct advantages as well, for one you get automatic backups so your site is always safe. And beyond that with cloud hosting you get a much more responsive site with higher availability.

With that said let's discuss what each tier gives you.


The Starter tier for EasyWP gives you 10GB of SSD storage space as well as bandwidth to support 50k users per month. This is a great place to start with your site. I was honestly surprised that you are given up to 50k users at this tier. Most competitors usually give anywhere between 10k to 30k as max for this tier.

Besides these core features you aren't given much else. Luckily you don't need much and this is a perfect place to start out at a fantastic price.


The mid range tier, Turbo gives you more storage space, 50GB versus 10GB and allows for up to 200k visitors/month. Beyond that you also get "1.5 More CPU" and "1.5X More RAM".

This is a bit confusing because they mentioned that their servers autoscale so how much RAM and processing power you get shouldn't matter as that can change at any time based on the number of visitors to your site. While they do not give additional details on what this means, I would assume that the machines that your EasyWP instance runs on will have more RAM and CPU power at the baseline before they do any scaling up. Honestly it just seems like marketing speak for an otherwise un-important detail. I wouldn't pay too much attention to these claims.

Lastly you get CDN and SSL support with the Turbo tier. Having a CDN will make your site incredibly fast as visitors will be getting a cached copy of your site rather than visiting it directly.


The top tier of EasyWP is Supersonic. The Supersonic tier gives you 100GB of storage space and supports 500k visitors per month. With that you also get a %99.99 uptime guarantee and just like the previous tier it comes with CDN and SSL support. I would recommend this tier to those who have a mission critical site that needs to be up all the time or have a large site that supports a ton of users.

Bottom Line

EasyWP is a fantastic service from Namecheap and it takes all the hassle out of hosting at Wordpress site. EasyWP offers a compelling features set and is prices very competitively. If you are looking to host a Wordpress site and don't want to deal with having to set everything up and just want to build your site, EasyWP gives you a truly easy way to do that, starting at $4/month which is the best Managed wordpress hosting price I've seen in a while.

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